Handwriting Problem Solutions
Solutions for Kids with Written Output Disorders
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We began as Special Educators consulting and teaching in multiple Michigan school districts. We specialize in Assistive Technology assessment and classroom implementation of appropriate "handwriting solutions" for students, K-12, who have educationally significant difficulty completing their written schoolwork with paper and pencil. For 18+ years we have been highly successful in increasing students' academic independence and self-esteem by teaching them both “Low-Tech” and “High-Tech” solutions which allow students to complete finished written products as similar to those of their classmates as possible. Many students complete all of their written schoolwork without the use of paper and pencil - even advanced math and science! Students who previously relied on others to write for them often no longer need this type of assistance! The students we work with have low-average to above-average intelligence with a variety of disabilities such as:

Physical Impairments Autism Spectrum Disorder Learning Disabilities ADD/ADHD Dysgraphia of Unknown Cause

We have become increasingly aware that many school districts are not knowledgeable in the area of assistive technology for students with written output disorders. Yet students with educationally significant handwriting problems are everywhere! Although these problems are easily identified, the area of handwriting problems and their effective solutions is often not appropriately addressed for special needs kids in both inclusive and self-contained classrooms. Many teachers and other professionals feel that kids who exhibit signs and symptoms of Dysgraphia, or those that have been officially diagnosed, just need to continue to practice handwriting skills and re-do their written assignments to eventually improve their handwriting. This rarely, if ever, is successful and these kids often lose precious academic time and are put at great risk for future academic/emotional/behavioral failure due to the fact that they cannot complete finished written products independently similar to those of their peers. While Occupational Therapy and Vision Therapy can sometimes help to improve the written letters and words of these students in isolation and for very short sentences/assignments, their handwriting often continues to "fall apart" when they are asked to complete actual class assignments and homework. Some kids can become clinically depressed and develop very low self-esteem. Many times, these kids are allowed to do reduced assignments, use a scribe to write for them and/or give oral answers. We always say that these things should only, in most cases, be used as a "bridge" to appropriate technological "handwriting solutions." Without the use of technology for completing written assignments, students with Section 504 Plans and IEPs cannot access their Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) with "Appropriate" being the key word. Kids with educationally significant handwriting challenges have the right to complete their written schoolwork as independently as possible - just like most other students.

This is how Handwriting Problem Solutions was born in order to bring the "GOOD NEWS" to those who may have need of it, that 99% of all written schoolwork can now be easily completed using "Low-Tech" and "High-Tech" equipment and software/apps!